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For Children

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``dXg, yXg, ʩpd{p %{p pg m}y }[pd{ dv] y}Q `illustion and reality 'ⰶ[ {M}. o ֻg E _ {. Uz %{Vy{ M ~K{Mp, %dpg{Mp }W `d'g}Q } }W m}y `gⷰ'g[ dⰻK[. aR{p , a~R{Mp E}{ m}ⰰg. d m}ֹg{Mp %} O} p{p %D UD p{p %D. g}Qv{[ Ez dX ok pⰻKp{ }W Im] X{ Q{. g}Qv dX{ ⰳp ypg[ dx{ {⽸D곪{ og avⰳvⰻK{. `dg d' `dXd" dX' U{ }⪲{p yW }b}Q |p}Q {ⰻK{Mp. m} e{d{[ pⰰ{? yW A, p, {g E[{ dX e m} %z{}Q e{d{ yKW A~Dp?

``o `m}ⰰg' d}Qv{[ okg Ap{. gy ꩵ]p {vGⰾΰ{ Ap{ ⰰg{. dX}Q m}ʩ}{ 곩prd" ưrD %p {d}Q g{ E{p g. Ez dX}Q `Uv dX, d~ dX' U{ dpⰰyKp. dp{p . o dX dX{ E{[ RD | Xg}Q {d곪{. g %{ RD {. E}Q RD {{p %{ dⰰXD dX. }W ~Zdg dgy `{p곩vgpp dX', Ez dX, Ez , } aR{p , a~R{Mp , p{}Q p yvpp. `My own prejudice is in favour of poets whose worlds are not too esoteric. I would have a poet, able-bodied, fond of talking, a reader of newspapers, capable of pity and laughter, informed in economics, appreciative of women, involved in personal relationships, actively interested in politics, susceptible to physical impressions. ' (-Louis MacNiece) pd }W A|ⰾd d'' U{Mp Ud".

Ekkundi Naman By G .N .Mohang갩 Ud"g d {yg곩~p{ XKⰷ[. U{ⰶ[ dX dⰶ[ v$ { ~~} |. Ud"p}Q d ~. . }. %p 갩 J{Mp. ~. . }. %p ~Zdp Ud" `m d' o dpxd"갩

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