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~r 5 d 2 (거Z 2001)
For Children
``{ Iⰰ[, {곪{}Q rD'' p[r.
d ~{d
{ gyK?
y{ d"Tg dꩪ{Z yX %dvư ~ZK { g {{M g?
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© Copyright 1997- 2000
U. B. Pavanaja. All rights reserved. Copyrights of
articles belong to respective authors.


o d a px Ƶ (uC} Ƶ֪d)

거Z 28 pָ uC} }. }곩 ~ZK ~py v . . p} %p yW p} ~ (Raman Effect)}Q mgKg h곩{ }}Q ~Z o  AkgⰻK{. E{p ~ZⰰdK 거Z g o d}Q uC} Ƶ֪d pypⰻK{M. ~{d Ⱚv

tally solutions}: 1869pD {갩 d}Qv{[ uC} yX{ ~Zdr Apg곪yK U{}Q fXy ⪵곩|d v Z }p yW d}Qv{[ uC} yX }{[ {Mp.

d}Qv{ { uC} ~Zd, Eg ~ZKyp, ~{ѩ.

v . U. dp %p uCd } pⰰ{ g? U{}Q g E[ {Mp.

gxdg gyZ{[ }}y dg$Kp uyg Kⰶ[ ZdZ}y ⰰK. o g$ v ⰰ. . ~}m %{ %gⰶ[ %ypuַ ⰰgⰶ[ g U D }.

d}rd{ d, ⯻ g$ . . U. ]ư %{ ⰳڱp } d}rd d֪⯻d E g 4 E[{.

u}~{ dg[ d}rd{ L} D{{. ~p~p dg}Q d}rd{ u}~{ dg ~k{ ⰳp} g E[{. E{p ~{dp g. p. k}Q~R.

~k: d}Qv yX ~p~p dKpp U %dx{[ o g (거Z) sD{ y]{ g: ~u Ⱚgꩵpp, v g곩~ַdJ %g, v . U. p{Z~R, ~Z d. U. p %{. E{p dp Ap. . \ }gpu

yyZuC}{ d_yZ{[ %] |}g{ E} d~ %|Xd_ U}. Ap. }pxⰳ %p ~k v Ap. ~ %p dvyKp. g %p p {}.

pָ ~p"p ~v{ d}rd pmX uC} ~yK} ~k}Q U. uQ %p dsD{Mp.

d}Qv{ d uC} dp p ~k U. uQ g s. Ap. %}ypⰰ %{.

dy: v g곩~ַdJ %g %p }[p a{..., v ⰻ{Z }g %p , ~Z d. U. p %{ %p yXyb g U. d_xp %p ~g, d. Ap. U. ⰳ %p d⽻ {}.

: ⰰ %xK dꩪ{Z{ d}Qv h⬪{ ~ZdrgⰻKp g dy a{ d_px!

Ap곩gX: ypdΰ{ Ag ~Z곩m}g}Q dy W %gⰶ[ Ap곩gX U p.

%vg: }ⰶ[ ڥ v g$ pg. E A ~X, A, ֹ d곩} d, yK v g$ p E[{.

d"g: d . . dsDⰾ yK ~pp yZgp %pg p{ d" dyg g g갩 %p d" dy E[{.

}곩pm}: {p yZg o ֶdⰶ[ dy dꩵ %p yZ{ g$ ~yZdy ֱ }dp %{ a{ }곩r.

}gꩵ gv %p uCd dz `}'.

d}Qv yX{[ ~vp d⽻g a{ ưd_.

Wv}: m}Z uC} yX{ g$ ]y uC} dp{ ~{dp %dg.

yK }dp, }gg, uC} X ưW{ g XgXyZg