Kannada Editor for HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC

  • First Indian language application for Handheld PC.
  • First Kannada application for Handheld PC.


  • Text entry in Kannada using the keyboard.
  • Save typed text & Open saved file.
  • Incorporates Karnataka Govt standard keyboard layout.
  • Saved text can be transferred to desktop PC.
  • Transferred text to the desktop PC can be opened by the Karnataka Govt standard "Nudi" software.
  • Can type messages in Kannada and send by email as attachment using the built-in modem of HPC, without the help of a PC.

This is a FREEWARE !

Installing: Copy the Nudi.exe file to the HPC using Microsoft's ActiveSync software.

Using the program: Double click on the Nudi icon. Start typing in Kannada.

Developed by: Vishva Kannada Softech.

Sponsored by: HP Labs India

Contact: softech@vishvakannada.com

Download the software.

Kannada Kali Program

This is actually a Jigsaw puzzle of Kannada Letters. I started it way back in 1993 in Visual Basic 3.0. Current version has added features like graphics, audio and animation of letters, showing the correct way of writing the letter. The program is written in Visual Basic 6.0. You will need to download the following file into a temporary folder, unzip the file and then execute the Setup.exe file obtained from there. After installing the package, you will see a Readme.txt file in the folder where you have installed the software (not in the temporary folder where you have downloaded the zip file). Open the Readme.txt file and follow the instructions there. Happy kannada learning! Do not forget to send your comments and suggestions to me at pavanaja@vishvakannada.com.

Note: This is program works only on 32 bit Windows platforms (Win 95/98/NT/2000).

Click here to download the file (5.7 MB ZIP file).

Last updated: Nov. 20, 2001.

Screen shots: